Impressions from here and there

I'm happy to anounce another new song from the upcoming album.
You can watch the new video on YouTube now!

Grace And Devotion
I'm glad to anounce a new song from the upcoming album!

Magical Moments
Happy Fête de la Musique 2017!

Check out the new song from the upcoming album and have a great summer time!

Happy Advent Season 2016!
Stefano's Advent calendar is back!
Have a great time!

Summer Waves
My new record for the Fête de la Musique 2016 is online now.

Enjoy it and have a lovely summer!

Easter Music
Happy Easter!

Here comes "The Hidden", a compilation of some songs I wrote in the past. Most of this songs were recorded for the GMS-Samplers.

It's already on take a listen!

Jai Yen & happy Valentine's Day!

20 years ago...
... I was young and stupid, wild and crazy...

...but there was some big change in my life.
Since a very long time I took the Guitar back into my hands and it happened..., joy and emotions...pure emotions!

With this moment the music took everything of me and the composer and songwriter was born in me.

20 years ago...

...I wrote the first songs in my life and on the new short album - the first chapter of my chronicles - are five of them.
This songs were written for the first band I played in.
A band with a lot of changes, ups and downs and with very different names.
Started as "Dark Demons", changed the name again and again like "Chrimson Children" or "Chrimson Thorns" and finally the bandname was "Trojan".

So I took some of the old songs and reworked it in "Stefano style"...
...the originals were Heavy Metal but I think the songs are still a bit raw.

Now the time of the chronicles has started for me and some more chapters will follow in the future...

...stay in touch to get some more information of my past and how it all begun.

Stefano's Advent calendar
The musical Advent calendar is online again!

Enjoy it and have a great Christmas time!

Always Searching For You
Once again the day has come....

Enjoy the new video!

Light & Shadows
The new album is on jamendo now!

The New Album: A Journey
And here it is...the new Stefano Giardiniere album...
...but is it the expected new album?

Sure it's not. It's just a step between and the really new album will follow soon. It's almost done...
...but here it is: "A Journey" and this album will take you through a journey and I hope you will like it like I do...

Click on the link below to get "A Journey" on CDBaby right now!

Summer Dreams
Written for the Fête de la Musique 2015.
Wish you a great and lovely Summer!

Happy 2015!
And all the best to you and your family and friends!

Let this year be a special year!

Merry Christmas!
A very tough year goes by but with a happy end.

A new work is done...a symphony in d minor.

Enjoy it and have a lovely Christmas time!

Somewhere In The Past
Somewhere without words...

...but the November is done and it's time to start the Advent calendar...

A lovely Christmas time to all of you!

Back to real life...
...and greetings to you!

About the new album...
..."At Dusk":

Here it is, a new and very important album for me after some hard days and weeks.

No one knows when time is running out but for this album the time was with me.
I'd like to give my special thanks to the stroke unit at the University Hospital Dresden, to my Mother, to all my friends, to my supporters and especially to the one who guides my way!

I hope you enjoy the one or other song and get into some moods.

The cover photo is still raw and was taken by me at Easter 2014 at the Baltic Sea.


A Journey

Now on amazon, iTunes, play ...
A Journey